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#5 reloop


#5 reloop

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Irradiette - Record Eater, 1967.



When it comes to describing Raleigh’s experimental punk outfit Whatever Brains, quite a few things come to mind. The band dabbles into plenty of unfamiliar territories for a band that most would pigeonhole into the “punk” category, one the band doesn’t even sound too privy to. Rather, they…


Still no word on a new OutKast album, but rumors are swirling that Big Boi and Andre may reunite for next year’s Coachella. Would be nice.

Outlast Reunion?


Lego Record Store by Ryan Howerter.


Bob Collins - Three men on Brighton Beach with a record player, c. 1955.


Music forever


Kooley High - All Day - Eastern Standard Time

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The Love Language - Calm Down

This video is my hometown, Raleigh, in a nutshell.  The coffee shop at 0:35 is where I spend my days studying/lollygagging.  I like The Love Language’s music, and they’re a good community member, but I had a bad experience at their concert and I’ll never forget that.

Either way, you aren’t at their concert, you’re on the interwebs watching this, so enjoy their music!

Eventually soulmates meet, for they have the same hiding place.
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Could it be true?

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